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AET Mission
We're dedicated to the continual pursuit of delivering exceptional free traffic exchange service to our advertisers, networkers, and webmasters. By providing great numbers of high quality unique visitors to your websites’ advertisements, it is our hope that the inviting atmosphere of AET, as successfully fostered by many dedicated members, will become your place of choice for networking, marketing and promoting your online business. As you further explore and gradually unveil AET's potential, we are confident AET will become your choice of web site traffic exchange.
AET Core Values
• Learning: AET strives for excellence. Our search is constant for better ways of marketing members' websites.
• Giving: AET shares profits, in the form of cash and prizes, while maintaining superior service and support to better your site traffic.
• Helping: AET strives to better your ad earnings and response while increasing your websites' visibility throughout cyberspace and traffic exchange industry!

MY COMMENTS: Surfing ration is 5:2.


TrafficG, Five Excellent Services, One Awesome Site!
SuperSurf Service. (Traffic Exchange)
SuperStart Service. (Start Page Exchange)
Exchanger Service. (Powerful Banner Exchange)
My Promotions Service.
Directory and Search Engine.

SuperSurf Service
The SuperSurf Traffic Exchange Service allows you to visit members sites, and in return other members visit your site, each site you visit gains you one visitor back to your site. Yes 1:1 Exchange rate.... This allows you to earn a visitor to your site every 30 seconds...

ServiceSo how about driving traffic to your site by opening your browser, something you may do 100's of times a day? It sounds crazy, but that's exactly what the SuperStart does for you totally FREE! We give you a unique URL to set as your browsers startpage. When you open your browser, we direct you to other members websites, which in turn gives you visitors back to yours!

You will also get 10% of all the traffic generated by 5 referral levels. Each time your referrals open a new browser window your account will be credited.

Exchanger Service
The Banner Exchanger and Banner Exchange, are the ultimate tools on the net to gain your site awesome banner impressions! For every two banners you view (2:1), you earn one exchange credit. So your thinking "I can get a 2:1 banner exchange for my website anywhere!". True but can you get a 2:1 banner exchange that offers you constant credit from THREE levels of referrals!? Can you get a 2:1 banner exchange that allows you to earn 1 banner impression per minute!? Can you get a 2:1 banner exchange that allows you to earn 1 banner impression every 4 minutes from your direct referrals usage!? Can you get a 2:1 banner exchange that allows you to earn banner impressions even if you don't have a web site?

My Promotions
Service.Imagine getting your sites listed on thousands of promotional pages! Do you want to increase the number of reciprocal links to your site? Generate free banner impressions? Want a free promotional page that lists all your sites, all in one place? Well this is just what this service does, need I say more...

Directory and Search Engine.
A Free listing in the TrafficG directory and search engine is an excellent way to increase your sites internet exposure.

And the cost of all these excellent services?
Nothing, yes nothing, all our services are absolutely 100% FREE and just to top it off we also give you extra visitors for referring other members to TrafficG. When you refer a person to TrafficG, we add 50 to your account. When that person refers someone to us, we give you 10 more credits. When they refer someone to us, we add another 5 credits to your account!

There are no limits to the amount of people you can refer, so no limits on how many bonus hits you can earn!

MY COMMENTS: Good site for free traffic exchange, 1:1 surfing.

Traffic Pods

About Traffic Pods
Although this system at first seems a little complex, it is actually very simple. The basic concept is that every new member will begin surfing at the first pod in the trafficpods ladder. The trafficpods ladder consists of a total of 1000 traffic pods as well as several integrated BONUS pods that will be explained in a minute. Each traffic pod in this ladder is made up of 10 websites selected at random from the currently active campaigns in the network. After surfing 10 websites, and therefore completing a traffic pod, you will go on to the next traffic pod. After surfing 10 of these traffic pods, you will be given the opportunity to surf a bonus pod. The bonus pod gives you the chance to get a lot of extra rewards but does carry some risk. You will get the opportunity to surf a bonus pod after every 10 traffic pods. There is lots of information on how the bonus pods work in the getting started guide on the website when you sign up.
After surfing the bonus pod, you will then carry on to the next block of 10 traffic pods. Then on to the next bonus pod and so on and so on.
After surfing 100 traffic pods you will be given the opportunity to surf in the Super pod where the rewards are really BIG. You will even be given the chance to win some cash as well as the progressive cash jackpot.
After surfing 1000 traffic pods, you will have successfully completed a level in the system. You will then see one of your circles lit up to indicate that you are on the next level. As you increase in the levels, you will light up more of these circles and your rewards in each of the bonus pods will increase. There is lots of information on this in the getting started guide as well as other places on the website when you sign up.
Perhaps the most exciting part of trafficpods is that members can actually own their own pod and receive additional rewards from it! When a member upgrades their account to the Pro Membership level or succeeds in earning a pod through the weekly rankings competition, they are assigned a pod of their own. This pod is then placed in the trafficpods ladder. As other members surf through the pods in the ladder, you will receive rewards based on the number of websites that were surfed in your own pod. Your rewards are based on the position that you have in the ladder and the higher your position the more websites members are likely to surf. This in turn increases your rewards and therefore puts a high emphasis on keeping your pod at the top of the trafficpods ladder.
Every week these traffic pods are ranked based on their value and placed into new positions for the next week. The value of each traffic pod owned by a member is calculated from the number of pages they personally surfed that week as well as the number of pages that their downline surfed that week. For more details about how this value is calculated, simply login to your account and read the getting started guide where everything is explained really well.
And that's about it. So, in summary .....
Members surf through a series of 1000 traffic pods that makes up a level. After every 10 traffic pods there is a Bonus pod. After every 100 traffic pods there is a Super pod. And every one of these 1000 traffic pods that makes up the trafficpods ladder could be owned by a member and EVERY site that EVERY member surfs in that member's pod is earning them a LOT of extra traffic!
Of course, the best way to really understand this unique, exciting, and powerful system is to simply sign up for a FREE account and see it first hand. You will be totally amazed at what you have uncovered!

MY COMMENTS: Get 1 visitor to your site after surfing 5 sites.


How does it work?ts25 is a unique traffic generating system built on a solid foundation of nearly 100,000 members worldwide.
When you register for your FREE ts25 account, you will immediately be able to tap into this enormous and rapidly growing group of potential customers that are waiting to see what you have to offer. And by simply checking out what our other members have to offer, we will give your website all this exposure absolutely FREE. Plus, if you really want to get a lot of exposure to your website in a hurry, then we have some great deals on traffic.
Getting traffic to your website has never been this easy! What sets ts25 apart from the rest? ts25 offers you the most powerful traffic generating system on the planet.
Built on an unparalleled syndicate grouping structure, ts25 delivers the largest amount of traffic and rewards in the industry.
Furthermore, ts25 has completely removed the traditional downline structure commonly associated with this type of program.
That's right, there is no downline to build! Our unique syndicate structure is designed to reward you with the maximum amount of traffic for the effort you put in and not the effort of others.
No other program can even come close!
Here are just a few of the things to look forward to:
Get potential customers to your site within minutes of signing up!
NO downline to build ... your rewards are based on your effort.
A network of almost 100,000 potential customers!
More fun and excitement than you could ever imagine.
See it for yourself... Get your FREE ACCOUNT Now!

MY COMMENTS: Get 1 visitor to your site after surfing 5 sites.


ClickThru Network

Surf the web by remote control. Surf sites in your favorite categories! Earn at least $0.01 for every site you visit. Plus, win up to $1,000 instantly for clicking a HotSpot!
Many advertisers are offering to pay you ClickThru Cash for clicking a link, answering a question, joining a program, and other simlar tasks.
Opt-in to receive an e-mail update and win between $0.05 and $1,000 as often as every day.
Rewards Membership
Join the ClickThru program and you get free ClickThru Cash, merchandise, and other benefits from all areas of our site.
Tell others about ClickThru and get up to 10% commisison on the ClickThru cash they earn and win. Also earn commissions on extended referrals.
Clickthru regularly gives away free ClickThru Cash and merchandise. The more you use, the better your chance of winning.
Bonus Buys
Get incredible deals on hot products, PLUS you get an instant 5% ClickThru Cash rebate on everything you buy. Add HTML
Add a HotSpot to your website and you can generate unlimited free ClickThru Cash. You get a commission from everyone who wins by clicking on it AND your HotSpot also acts as your personal referral link for all non-ClickThru visitors.
If you ever win or earn merchandise that you don't want, sell it to someone else for ClickThru Cash. Or buy and resell anything on the directory for profit.
Earn 2 cents ClickThru Cash for every web site you moderate. Moderators make sure the content on clickthru is clean and appropriate.

MY COMMENTS: Best site for advertizing, surfing, and earning.

ClickThru HotSpot!


Get Rs.1000/- and 500 Points for Sign-Up.
Get Paid To View Websites.
Get Paid To Read E-Mail.
Get Paid To Sign-Up for FREE Offers.
Get Paid For Completing Surveys.
Get Paid for Leads and Sales.
Get Paid for Referring People.
3 Level Referral Earnings 10% 3% & 1%.
Rs.5000/- Payout.
Earn Playing Games.

MY COMMENTS: Recently joined.


• Free membership and no investment necessary to earn.
• International members welcome.
• Get Paid for completing various offers.
• Get Paid for signing up to sites or registering to newsletters.
• Get Paid for clicking on banners and text links within member's area.
• Get Paid for completing online surveys.
• Get Paid for winning monthly contests.
• Get Paid to refer other active DollarMakers and Advertisers.
• Earnings update in real time.
• Simple and easy to use navigational interface.
• Cash out to PayPal, e-Gold, Money Order, or Visa Gift Card.

MY COMMENTS: 4 to 5 paid clicks and 5 to 6 signup offers.


Sign-up for Free.
Unlike other companies, we will never charge you any fees.
Complete Free Offers.
Get paid to complete surveys, join free websites, and more.
Refer Others.
Increase your revenue with our two tier referral program!
Get Paid!
Payments are sent every month by check like clockwork!

MY COMMENTS: Very few free offers, mostly for USA.


Take surveys, sample products, signup for free trials, join clubs, register for credit cards and get paid for it all. There are over $2000 in offers!
Shop at hundreds of name brand stores and get rebates from us for every purchase. It's shopping you're already doing... why not get paid for it?
Play mini-games for pearls, discover gems, find gold coins and trade them in for bonus prizes! Participate in free contests & treasure hunts for even more cash!
Tell your friends and receive 20% of what they earn and 5% from your second level referrals. The earning potential is unlimited!

MY COMMENTS: Lots of offers to complete, mostly for USA and Canada.


Becoming an affiliate is totally Free!
Get paid for visiting our advertisers sites.
You choose your favorite topics of interest and we'll do the rest.
We pay in cash and in points.
Points are redeemed for very cheap advertising.
Points can be redeemed for advertising and other service .
In the affiliate area, you will find several ways to earn.
We offer paid e-mails, PAID TO PROMOTE ADDED RECENTLY, paid to click ads, a manual surf program. Get paid to signup , Get paid to Review sites provided by our advertisers and even GET PAID TO CHAT!
We offer a 0 Point Sign-up Bonus and a 0 Point Referral Bonus.
You reach payout once you have earned $10.00.
If you are upgraded level 25 - 100, otherwise $10 payout.
When your referrals click on an advertiser's link you will also get credit for it.
We credit you for 1 referral levels.
Level #1 = 10%

MY COMMENTS: Very few paid emails, several paid to clicks for points.